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Title Year Built Model Manufacturer Quantity Price
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U25BP125HUJIBNS Liebert 2 Call For Price
United Power 225kva PDU
United Power PDU
1998 225kva United Power 3 Call For Price
Three United Power 225kva PDU's; yr 1998; 480v/208v; Serial #'s: 16417-01;02 & 03
APC Battery Cab
2000 SL30KF APC 1 Call For Price
APC 30kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply Model: SL30KF Input/output: 208V - 60hz Weight: 660lbs Date Code: Week 26 / Year 2000 Serial Number: EE0026000266
Liebert UPS STATION S3 12kVA
Liebert UPS Station S3
1998 UPS STATION S3 Liebert 1 Call For Price
Liebert UPS STATION S3 Model 12 KVA, S3 / Man Date 6/98 Part # U1AC012CDCB00WK Ser# 4T88500011 Input - 13.7kva, 11.1kw, 5 wire, 200-240 vac, 40amps 60hz Output - 12.0kva, 8.4kw
Liebert 225KVA UPS Model UDA63229A36A532
Liebert 225KVA UPS Model UDA63229A36A532
2002 UDA63229A36A532 Liebert 1 Call For Price
One Liebert 225KVA UPS Model UDA63229A36A532 and serial number is C255352/LI-04613 Yr 2002, includes Bypass Cab and two Batt Cabs. Still operational, available in two weeks.
Liebert UPS - UDC63020C25RT03 Model AP331 / 20 kva
Liebert UPS AP331
1999 AP331 Liebert 1 Call For Price
Liebert UDC63020C25RT03 Model AP331 / 20 kva / 208V in / 208V out SN: M12359F Weight 1300lbs Mfg date 08/99 Maintenance Bypass cabinet and two battery cabinets Manufacture Date 08-99
Liebert AP382 UPS - 125kva

2000 UDA63125A25DT04 Liebert 1 Call For Price
AP382 / UDA63125A25DT04, 125kva UPS Serial# M14877F, Date code 12-2000 UBP180 Battery Cabinet U25BP125HRJ1BNS, Serial# 55834, Date Code 04-03 Siemans Maintenence Bypass Panel, P475ML400ETS, Ser# 17-14255-Aoo, Date 10/6/03
Liebert AP357 - 50 KVA UPS

2000 UDA63050A25DT03 Liebert 1 Call For Price
AP357, UDA63050A25DT03, 50 KVA UPS, Serial# M16614F, Date Code 08-2000 (Excellent condition) UBP180 Battery Cabinet, U25BP050HPJ1BNS, Ser# 154481, Date code 35-02 (excellent condition) Seimans Maintenance Bypass Panel P4E75ML400ETS, Serial# 17-14255-A00, Date 10/06/03 (Excellent condition)
Power Ware 9315-50, 50KVA UPS
no photo
2001 9315-50 Power Ware 1 Call For Price
Power Ware 9315-50, 50KVA UPS, Serial# ET131ZBA06 / 50 KVA / 480in/480out/ Yr 2001. (UPS only) dimensions 31 1/2 front x 31 Deep Also Separately: Power Ware Plus Battery Cabinet Series 685 for use with 9315-50 UPS, Serial# FT125YY35 / 480DC / 100Amp DC / Batt Cab (only) Dimensions 28 Front x 31 deep. Battery model Dynasty UPS12-170FR. These are not the original batteries, We do not know when they were installed. Best estimate would be 2006+-

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