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Title Year Built Model Manufacturer Quantity Price
2 X 4 Lighting

4PS24432GFSRF124EB8277RIF Columbia Lighting 160 Call For Price
160 Lamps including bulbs - new Lights; 277v; includes 32 W lamps (4EA) and quick connects.
500 sq ft of wood core flooring and sub flooring
no photo
Call For Price
500 sq ft of wood core flooring and sub flooring / white with black specs / all de installed and stacked / 10-12 perforated panels / 12-15 cut off (approx 1 inch) / Very clean.
Aluminum Mushroom Vents
2 Call For Price
New in the original shipping crates
Columbia flourescent lighting fixtures
no photo
Type 1-B Columbia 96
A collection of Columbia lighting fixtures. Approximately 96 fixtures all together. Some information from the packaging is as follows: Columbia Lighting Type 1B 4PS24 432G FSRS12 4EB8277 RIFEPP5 Single Ballast - Each holds 4x 48" flourescent tubes. Columbia Emergency Lighting Type 1-B & Type 1-A 4PS24 2x4 432G FS12 4EB8277 PHF705 Flourescent Bulb Shields - 48 2PK Actual number of fixtures available has not been determined. Please come and view for yourself. Can be seen at our Pembroke warehouse with appointment. Buyer is responsible for pick-up. Ground level access and dock-level access is available. All offers will be considered.
FM200 FIKE 1,600 Call For Price
1,660 Pounds - Stored in tanks
GE Switchgear
GE Manufacturer's Plate
600 Amp General Electric 1 Call For Price
General Electric Switch / Electrical Panel 600 Amp Breaker Supply Amps: 600 - 3-phase Volts: 480Y / 277 - 4-wire 60hz
HVAC Filters
no photo
New / Surplus 1A1780GP3 KOCH 12 Call For Price
12 Boxes - New
Liebert 20 Ton HVAC Plenums
no photo
Liebert 15 Call For Price
New in the box
Liebert Multi-Unit Monitors - RCM-4
no photo
New / Surplus RCM-4 Liebert 12 Call For Price
New Units
Mitsubishi Mr. Slim - PUG36AKB
Frnt Panel Mitsubishi Mr. Slim
Mr. Slim Mitsubishi 6 Call For Price
Mitsubishi Mr. Slim - Model: PUG36AKB 330 PSIG - 230V Energy Star With Condensers
Siemens Maintenence BypassCabinet

2003 P4E75ML400ETS Siemens 1 Call For Price
Siemens Maintenence BypassCabinet, Cat# P4E75ML400ETS, Serial# 17-13845-A00, Date 10/06/03. Dimensions 35" wide x 75" high x appr 13" deep.
Siemens STD Breaker - STD63F3200
no photo
Call STD63F3200 Siemens 1 Call For Price
Model: STD63F3200 Type: STD63200 Max Volts 2,600 Max Amps: 3,600 Item Name: STD63F320 Manufacturer: Siemens / ITE Packaged Weight: 4 lb Type: STD Poles: 3 Amperage: 3200 Voltage: 600 Description: 600 - 600 VAC;3200 - 3200 A;50/60 HZ;INTERRUPT RATING 50000 AMPERE;3 POLE;WIDTH 15.5 INCH;DEPTH 12.5 INCH;HEIGHT 27.5 INCH;TRIPPING METHOD ELECTRONIC;UL Sold with enclosure. Call for more information.
Squirrel Cage Roof Vents
squirrel cage roof vents
New / Surplus 2 Call For Price
New in the original shipping crates.
Temperature Sensors
no photo
New / Surplus 75 Call For Price
New Units
Viking Pre-Action Sprinkler System
no photo
n/a 15 Head Viking 2 Call For Price
Viking Pre-Action Sprinkler System 15 Head 1/6 HP

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